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Re: distortion, overdrive,fuzz,crunch,special sauce, secret goo

this is pure tone baby



 As far as the issue
> of hiding behind a
> wall of distortion to hide bad technique……..Hey I used
> to do that :-)
> obviously, different styles require different instruments
> and string gauges.
> A shredder dude would have difficulty adjusting to the kind
> of strings a
> jazzbo uses, and vice versa . I’m always amused when a
> shredder dude picks
> up my strat or tele strung with heavier strings and tries
> to do the speed
> thing, its equally amusing when a jazz guy picks up a metal
> guitar with
> ultra light strings and can’t handle the mushy response.
> I would agree that
> playing clean will help ones technique to become cleaner,
> but from what I
> can tell, a guy like Steve Vai has exceptionally refined
> technique, and also
> has developed an extremely light left hand touch, which is
> valid technique
> no matter what style you play. Principles of good technique
> apply no matter
> what guitar you are playing or what gauge of strings. I
> actually encourage
> young students to pick up the electric guitar first if that
> is what excites
> them. I am not convinced that one has to start with
> acoustic before moving
> to electric, although that is the conventional wisdom. From
> what I have seen
> in my nearly 30 years as a private teacher is using the “
> you gotta start on
> clarinet if you want to play saxophone”  model  can just
> as easily destroy a
> young students desire to learn, as it can motivate them.
> I’ve never had a
> student who started on electric and really got bitten by
> the music bug, fail
> to  show interest in picking up the acoustic guitar at some
> point in their
> development.
> Bill