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Re: WAH WAHS was distortion overdrive fuzz crunc

Hey Rick!  That Dunlop QR35 or whatever it's called that I loaned you is really flexible. There's a 5 position rotary knob on the right that progessively jacks the Q factor and gives increasingly more radical sounds. I tend to favor the less rad ones, and most frequently use the wah statically or just slightly moving it for very subtle timbre variations. The classic rythmic quacking thing is a pretty dated cliche, but when ya gotta funk, there's no substitute. It's also a great smoothing device in front of any fatter fuzz and refines the sloppiness inherent in the more unruly fuzzes. Check it man . . .

I've rather liked a couple of the Snarling Dogs wahs, and had the Mold Spore (or some such name) ring-mod/wah for awhile. Pretty interesting.