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Actually '81 but King Crimson reformed with "Discipline".  I took up 
that year at 27. I played Beatles covers and originals in my first band as 
guitarist. IMO commercial radio was a wasteland. I had wrek in atlanta, 
http://www.wrek.org/ for my listening education and pleasure, thank God. I 
got married for the second time in '84. And I was discovering looping with 
the EH 16 sec delay and other long delays. So the '80s were good at second 
glance. Very diversified for me.


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'82 in the 80's,??

What happened in 82?
For me 86 was the year in the eighties.. the second summer of love,
new improved... now with added RAVE..

and the 90īs? maybe not one particular year.. but WOW what music!!!!
Drum and Bass and Jungle, Techno (as opposed to US house) Incredibe
computer recording... Moby, Aphex Twin.. and the MASSIVE emergence of
Free Improv (and its vicarious offshoots, noise, jazz, the new
silence, and the folketronica) into the live scene, and the blurring
of the edges of lost genres... although that more this millenia stuff
I guess...

As a bit of a response to Pers post, not dissagreeing, just posting
somthing I just read... Im reading the Book "The Peel sessions"
FAcinating, if anal book that outlines the history of the commissioned
recordings that the sadly missed John Peel would play twice a week on
Radio 1 in the UK. There is a quote from John Walters (Peels producer)
that during the Punk period he was booking new bands EVERY week for a
recording session.. He once wrote a note and handed it to a band that
was playing... it read. "Hi, great gig, you possess the kind of
unmusical qualities that we should applaud, please call x x x x x to
arrange coming in for a session for the John Peel show. .. The band
was The Fall. who went on to have more radio session than any other
band in Peels history.

I think that if a band or musician is encouraged, and is able to make
and record music, then they WILL progress, both skill-wise and
musically. The NEW AGE of computers allows kids to do this.. whereas
before, poor, working class kids could NO WAY hope to afford even a
few hours in a studio. Except for the lucky few (including myself) who
were taken under Peels wing and given a chance. I dont know if there
is an equivalent DJ in the US, but in the UK it is hard to
underestimate the mans influence and the love that my generation, the
generation before and the current generation have for the man. I cried
like a baby when I heard of his passing.



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