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Re: iTunes now "All DRM Free"

> Bob Amstadt:
> What exactly does this mean to the end consumer. Can I transfer a
> DRM-free track to any of my computers without having to associate those
> computers with my iTunes account?  Can I turn a DRM-free track into an 
> MP3 file for transfering to CD for my car?

Hi Bob,
I'm  a long time iTunes store user. DRM-free means you get 256 Kbps, Apple 
calls that a "iTunes Plus" song. Proteced songs are 128 Kbps AAC files.

And yes, you can convert iTunes plus files to mp3 and burn them on CD for 
your car. That's what I do all the time because I have no iPod. And all 
from iTunes itself, no problem.

PS I just checked the iTunes store here: NOT all songs are Drm-free yet!

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