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Re: OT-AFAH (Off Topic And Funny As Hell) MicroSoft's take on livelooping ; -)

I'm reminded of the problems Mike Oldfield had in re-recording "Tubular Bells", in that tubular bells aren't easy to find, and (apparently) aren't very in tune, so he and Trevor Horn struggled to find good samples or anything they could use for a really Big And Impressive sounding tubular bell.  They ended up using some kid's toy bell, sampling that, and then using harmonizers and such to deepen it and produce the desired effect.

And, then I discovered this, which is funny as hell if you're familiar with the ending of "Tubular Bells".

Tubular Cow Bells!:



On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 12:23 AM, Stefan Tiedje <stefantiedje@googlemail.com> wrote:
kkissinger@kevinkissinger.com schrieb:

Make sure that you amp each cowbell seperately and make sure that each amp goes up to eleven.

No, No, unless you feed all cowbells through the same distortion pedal. With separated amps you'd miss the cross modulation...
But it can't be wrong to play all through a huge wall of Marshall amps...
Come on, lets put up the biggest cowbell orchestra of the world, should be a snap to enter the guiness book of records...