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RE: RE: youtube M13 and looperlative demos

Actually, those slippers were not an ideal looping shoe, to wide in the 
But if you build it they will come!!!!!! Here we go again, custom loop
shoes. The cycle continues... All joking aside, it makes me realize I need
to work more on developing the lightest technique I possibly can that still
triggers the footswitch, in the same way I have been refining my left hand
fingering technique all of my adult life for the most efficient use of
energy.  I think the combination of adrenalin and nervous energy causes me
to stomp harder. Or maybe...I'm just a caveman. Also bear in mind that we
were using just the camera microphone, which might have a tendency to
exaggerate high frequencies.

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Hi Bill

Glad to hear that the noise is avoidable :) Maybe the high-end pedals could
be shipped with custom-cushioned slippers ;-)

all the best
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