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Re: Best hardware (pedal) looper?

>I play with 2 contact mics, 2 digidelays and a dod dfx91 and i have like hours and hours of unsynced >fun!
never underestimate the power of a digidelay! They are just fun!
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Subject: Re: Best hardware (pedal) looper?

I also have to state here that i sync my SP404 to rc 50 like heaven!
I've played like 12 shows with this setup and it never failed me.
I also had a session once with another rc50 guy, and it took us some time to sync them, but once set, everything was ok.
Loop sync on, tempo sync on, 6 phrases on and off!
Oh, how i love this machine!
And the last few days, i really started appreciating the way you can use it for "ambient" purposes, with those three phrases out of sync.
I play with 2 contact mics, 2 digidelays and a dod dfx91 and i have like hours and hours of unsynced fun!

2009/1/24 Denis Aldrich <joy_top@hotmail.com>
I'm not the most objective as I have not the expereince with other loopers.  I do feel the RC-50
gets a bad rap in reviews due to it's complexity, and over-hyped by it's own liturature.
I like the way the midi out works for me. The place I got mine has another and I would like to see
if the RC-50 would sync to it's own kind. I have heard the problem is in using the midi in. I haven't
had a need as my DR-5 syncs to the RC-50 just fine. If I do use 2 units I would set them up in single-mode and use the second unit to bring in multi-mode.
It can be set up with a feedback loop from the subs back to the aux input to give decay while recording. 
It is also possible to have swell and decay when loops are being stopped/started.  These 2 things are very useful.
As Buzap indicates, it does NOT handle tempo changes well at all. While easy to set orginal tempo and send sync, it will not give a good sound when tempo is changed.(warbled)
There are a LOT of menus for set up on the unit, some global and some patch/phrase specific, which is nice.  The drawback I see might be the price depending what you are looking for. I think you should try someones out that is familar with it, before making a purchase.
I like using a mixer with the unit.

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