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Re: Hints at multi -plexing Re-visited..

>Another point of interest is that I've found that the EDP stops
>sending Midi clock when Muted....at least under some circumstances.

YIKES.. good to know... I hardly EVER use mute however, preferring as I do to thwack a fader down... however it does happen... but IM already midi syncing to the edp I have, and never come across that..

Seems like the easiest way is simply to hook the extra via brother sync and control the extra via the edp pedal, and nothing can go wrong... no midi...

You know, Ive recently ever so slightly rearranged the order that I have everything midi´-fied, and everything seemed to have gone a bit wonky.. I spent hours trying things in with midi in different orders to see if it ... then i discovered that Id accidentally changed to a weird old preset on the EDP that had midis set to OUS not OUT... (had to look that one up...) and that was the prob all along...