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Re: MySpace headaches... - experience?

I get a sense myspace is drifting towards the same oblivion that
claimed Tribe.net and friendster.com. The site is dominated more and
more by ads each time I log in. There are too many faux friends who
don't know you, but just want to befriend you so they can put their
gig spams on your page. (This is a pet peeve of mine - it's like
urinating on your fellow artists to mark territory.) The last time I
logged in, they made me fill out a "captcha" to make sure I wasn't a
robot setting up scam accounts.

It's a shame too, since I generally think myspace pages serve a great
dual purpose as an online demo cd and promotional site for bands that
don't have their own webspace.

I've heard good things about a site called virb.com, which is kind of
like myspace, but specifically for musicians. I haven't had the time
to fully check it out yet.

Matt Davignon