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Re: nerds with toys OT

Rick Walker wrote:

> ******
> Now, after saying all of that,   I think it's completely okay, as well, 
> for people to just make music that is interesting to listen to,  
> irregardless of the use
> of 'theatrics'        I myself,  like to be entertaining, if possible 
> but it's perfectly okay if others are not so drawn to that approach.
> ******

> They then turned off all the lights in the place (except emergency exits 
> I got bored 2/3 of the way through and left early.     

Most exciting gig I went to in recent years was a recital of organ works 
by Duruffle.
Of course, the visuals for a church organ gig are a bit static. (the 
performers at
such events are only visible when they descend from the organ loft at the 
end of the performance).