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Re: loopers hard talk questions and answers

>1. Why loop when you can have a duo a trio or a band?is it due to 

It is economics and creativity.  I can't afford to take a band on the 
road, and I like what I am able to do with the loops.  And now that 
I've been doing it for several years, I have a bunch of loop-based 
compositions that I am not able to perform when Im playing with other 

>2.do you really need all that equipment to play solo?ive seen solo 
>players who can entertain us without all of that

I can entertain an audience with nothing but an unamplified acoustic 
guitar and my voice, and I do so quite often.  I like being able to 
present myself in settings from basic, unplugged singer-songwriter to 
looping techno-fool to full-on electric band.

>3.nice but to my ears it sounds lifeless and monotonus

Not the way I do it!

>4.why would i pay to see somebody just making noise? my kid could do that

Lemme see here.  Possible answers:

  Let's hear him.
  Here's your money back.
  You've had too much to drink.
  This is the last time I play a Republican event.

>5.looping seems to me made for self indulged people that arent able 
>to deal with other humans and are incompetent to play the instrument 
>properly without all that equipment

Why would anyone bother to answer a "question" as rude and belligerent as 

>6. nice but dont you think a Band is still better?

A band is better for some things, of course, but this music has merit as 

>8.what so special about recording different instruments in front of 
>us? a band is better because it has more energy and you can speed up 
>,slow down and bring dynamics together

True.  This is something other than that.  As far as I'm concerned, 
the "gimmick" aspect of this is the least important thing; the music 
I make this way is something I enjoy doing and many people enjoy 

>9.nice but it sounds too perfect

Not the way I do it!

>10.why do most loopers play alone?

See question 5?


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