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Re: MySpace headaches... - experience?

tEd  KiLLiAn wrote:
> Some browsers have difficulty navigating the inner levels of MySpace's 
> customizing tools.
> I know, because that's what happened to me.
> For a long time I had just the default page style and could not access 
> any of the customer stuff from my Safari browser on my Mac. Go figure.
> But when one day I installed (and used) Mozilla FireFox all these new 
> MySpace options started appearing and working for me.
> I still don't have the most custom page around - personally, I like to 
> keep it subtle.
> But I believe that I could now if I wanted to.
> Some of the bugginess may be in your browser.
> Try another browser and see what happens.
> Just a suggstion. 
It may not entirely be the browser's fault.  True, not all browsers are 
created equal.  However, it may be that MySpace just doesn't write code 
that follows the rules.  They are SO at fault at cocking up their login 
page with trackware, spyware, and videos for the weekend's upcoming 
movies/TV show release, that my computer locks up and I have to reboot.  
Why?  MySpace doesn't test their software.  We do.  Win98 is too old for 
them to bother to test before releasing software.  Firefox isn't Windows 
Internet Explorer.  You get the idea.  Exhaustive testing costs money.  
It's less expensive for us to test their software than to do it right up 
front.  I pity anyone on dialup.  THEY aren't even a consideration in 
MySpace's thought processes.  Just a thought...