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Re: loopers hard talk questions and answers

Hi Matt,
very very interesting point here!
My feeling has always been that most people in general like to see the 
interaction within Bands when they go out to a concert,but i think we have 
been shifting into more individualism in many areas and the transition is 
something thats been happening quite a while ago.looking at the history of 
music in the 20s 30s big bands,ensembles orchestras from classical to 
dixiland jazz as well as musicals etc.was the norm and musicians were 
heavily dependent on each other(like marriages perhaps;-)then in the 40īs 
50īs and 60īs bands start to reduce, you had jazz trios,troubadours,the 
beat movement,dylan inspiring people to grab a guitar to play and sing 
One of the great things people can witness now with the tools we have 
available is the multi-instrumentalism talent of single musicians,and the 
gradual buld up arrangements that starts with a single note or riff and 
the wall of sound a single individuals can create.Thats something that can 
be really exciting, but i think when is not done right or people just 
start playing drumloop presets,looping a guitar part and singing along it 
can easily be mistaken for prerecorded "karoke"and such statements of 
"monotonus etc. follow.From what i hear is also becoming a standard within 
buskers in the streets with portable amps and compact loopers like the 
I dont know where looping will go in the future,it is ceratinly exciting 
at the moment and who knows,this times might be remembered as the "Decade 
of looping;-)"

> The first part of the statement assumes that being able to
> deal with
> other humans is a requirement for making good music. I
> enjoy dealing
> with humans. When making music however, it's a lot more
> freeing to not
> worry about how the other band members will feel about
> their parts, or
> whether they'll get the same sounds that you want to
> hear. It's easier
> to be productive in the way that you want to be productive,
> without
> making concessions to accommodate other peoples'
> styles. Some of my
> favorite band cds are ones where there's one or 2
> members with the
> ideas, and the rest of the band is just there to follow
> instructions.
> In that context, can you see how it might be more effective
> for the
> idea people just to make clones of themselves?
> Also, if someone's act just involves playing guitar and
> singing, would
> you accuse them of not being able to deal with people?