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Re: Need help with RC-50

Maybe I'm missing something here, but I used to use my RC-50 in a way
that I would record a first loop and it would slave all of my effects
on my guitar and synths to the right tempo... near perfectly synced
delays. Isn't this exactly what this paragraph is saying it can't do?
I've never used the tap tempo button.


> The RC-50 offers MIDI Clock Sync in and out. But it can't calculate
> the tempo from a caught loop - you have to set a tempo first and then
> follow that tempo when playing to record the first loop. Tempo can be
> set by tapping the beat on a Tap Tempo pedal and this works very well.
> You can change the tempo while the music is playing but be warned that
> it sounds terrible! The time stretching algorithm doesn't seem very
> efficient. Start out at the correct tempo and stay at it to get the
> best sound out of this machine.
> (originally written in Swedish for FUZZ Guitar Player magazine)