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Re: choosing a laptop

And a side note... Oddly enough, if I use any Native instrument VST
synths like FM8 or Absynth, I cant run much more than those or I get
drop outs and weird distortion... guitar rig seems to be the only well
tamed NI VST on my setup. Running reason chock full of stuff works
better for me, even though I'd prefer the NI synths... Anyone else
have a similar experience with NI stuff?

On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 3:55 PM, Adam Gaskins <shipiboconibo@gmail.com> 
> I run a a cheap $600 Lenovo (my Vaio died and I didn't have cash for
> another sony... but I needed a laptop ASAP, haha). I use a presonus
> inspire interface and can run guitar rig 3, some anteres vocal VSTs,
> Live, and Reason with some synth and fx all at once with no problems,
> using XP SP3. I have no clue what firewire chipset the Lenovo uses
> though.
> -Adam