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Re: Question about Syncopath with Sonar

Hi Brian,

I just downloaded a trial version of Sonar Producer - I could not find a trial of the Studio edition.
It appears to be working fine here.

Can you be a bit more specific about how it does not respond in any way?
It appears that the build-in meter of Syncopath - as well as the other graphics - responds a bit slower than in other host applications that has been tested, but they do respond, and all the looper functionalities appear to be working perfect.

What happens if you press the record button while playing and then press it again a short while after - to loop. Do you hear anything being played back?
Also, do you have Apple Quicktime installed?

Thanks for your interest!

Lasse (from Juvul)

On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 6:12 PM, BC <compguy2@comcast.net> wrote:
I just sent out an email to the publishes of Syncopath, but I thought I would drop a line here, too, as I always learn a lot from you guys.
I downloaded Syncopath with the intention of running it under Sonar Studio edition.
Here is what I did:
Downloaded Pluggo Jr. and installed.
Downloaded Syncopath and installed.
Started Sonar Studio and created a new project.
In an audio track, added Syncopath via the effects bin.
Syncopath interface appears as expected.
Syncopath does not respond in any way to my guitar input. I can see the input meter in my Sonar audio track responding, and I can hear the guitar through the speakers, but Syncopath does not respond at all.
Obviously, I am a complete beginner with this stuff and am overlooking something simple. I've been using a Boomerang and I'm a little lost on the software end.
Thanks for any help!