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Re: recent looping discoveries (was EMILY WELLS TRIO: awesomelive looper)

Nice! I've been listening a lot to Ross Hammond, a guitarist who lives 
in Sacramento, CA (and is also a swell fellow who helped Jim and I set 
up a show there last year). He uses looping in the context of nu jazz (a 
la Cline, Frisell, etc) and has a really great Sonny Sharrock-influenced 
vibe. He has an ensemble record called "Teakyo Mission" that I've 
listened to a dozen times this week.

I've been trying to recall the name of a Nordic looping guitarist who 
was mentioned here some months ago. I was listening to him every day for 
awhile, then Rhapsody lost my playlist and I can't remember his name. It 
was a bit Jon Hassell-ish, sometimes noisy, sometimes more gentle..?

Daryl Shawn

> I recently stumbled onto Retnesegel, a Norwegian looping duo whose music 
>is quite enjoyable. <http://www.myspace.com/retnesegel> 
> This could be an interesting thread; who are YOUR latest obscure