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Fw: Melting Point - Kyron & Molina - A New Black Note Music CD

Our new CD "Melting Point" was done partially through live looping so I figured I would pass it on to all of you.
David Molina and me improvised a soundtrack to an experimental short film (about 1/2 hour long).
He played a variety of instruments freely and I created loops from his playing, modifying them, creating a longer structure from the bits and pieces.
Later I created several remixes from the same material.
You can listen to samples on the CD Baby page.
Any comments or feedback from any of you would be very welcome. You can send them on the list or off the  list, as you prefer.

Kyron & Molina -  "Melting Point"
"Melting Point" is an audio artifact from a night of electroacoustic experimentation and a collection of the musical explorations and remixes that developed from it. Both improvised and composed elements are woven together to form a continuous whole, a seamless musical exploration.
For a lot more information and/or to purchase it, follow the links below:
Go to the CD Baby page here (with audio samples):
Or go to the Black Note Music page here:
Any feedback is always welcome.