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Re: Appreciating this Home was New W

Portland? I'd check out the film festival there.  Lots of cool, very, sometimes quite, ummmm, 'experimental' creative types. 

I found Portland to be a great place for music.  In fact, it's a hot spot now!

I don't know if they still do the Portand Creativity Conference there....  but it sometimes had some wild stuff.  I did some very outside music for them a few times.  Lots of ad agency types who can be kind of plastic, but sometimes they're wide open & creative and when they are, they can be quite amazing.  Kinda sad but true. Anyhow, the film makers are the place to take adventurous music.  The competition is steep, though.  

That's true everywhere now.     

If you DO decide to do a looping event there let me know - I know a good promotion person who can help get it out to the public.  She costs (some) money, though.  She used to run The Bite - very well connected to all of the scenes there.

On Feb 22, 2009, at 6:49 AM, Nevyn Nowhere wrote:


The larger umbrella idea strikes me as worthy of consideration. 

I really think it is... Collaboration and crossover is what builds new spaces, imho.  I'm currently also working with a few of the abundance of local "rock/etc/band" folks to do remixes, to spread name and sound to folks who currently listen only to whatever they listen to. 
Think about looper / dj collaborations—looper / rawker collabs. 

Absolutely.  100 people listen, only 1 or 2 go "hey what a sound".  That's a good thing, one step at a time.  If you can take bigger steps grand, but make no illusions about immediacy.
Offer to be the "button pusher" for a few rawkers who seem adventurous.  Loop them; mangle them; make it groove; make it heavy—above all, make some friends!

Yes, I do hope to do more of that over this next year.