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Re: Free fractal music Software?

Very Cool!!

Unfortunately I'm not in Germany, next week.

I'm really stoked about the possibilities with this type of music and have 
been playing with various softwares.

Have a great launch!

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Subject: RE: Free fractal music Software?

> not an answer to your question, but related - next week my new CD
> "Impossible Music" will be officially released on "hyperfunction", a new
> label for algorithmic music that I started with my friend Markus Reuter. 
> The
> CD contains a number of improvisations with an algorithmic software that 
> is
> based on fractal attractors. There will be a release party here in 
> on April 4 with live music created by this system, and also with
> performances of two or three other algorithmic composers, one of them
> probably Stefan Tiedje. More info on the forthcoming CD at
> www.hyperfunction.org
> -Michael