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Re: please be courteous to the list

It would loose me, because a forum is 1000 times less efficient than a list. I still look for evidence that there is any advantage of a forum over a list and didn't find any. (Unless I lurk once a year, which wouldn't qualify for being an active member of a community...)

Organization.  Different topics into different groups.  Auto searches don't always work, and this can help when one must search manually.

And yes, does take longer to load et al...

Just a matter of personal preference really.

Myself, I prefer lists.


Please explain what is more efficient with a forum? (to build up a single page in a browser it needs at least 10 time longer than my e-mail client, I can't read and answer offline, to name the two deal killers of a forum...)

A FUDforum would actually allow both together, but there seem to be difficulties to set it up easily/properly...

my 2 cents ;)


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