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Exchoplex for Sale.

$499! (I prefer local to portland but would consider shipping to someone on this list if it's safe and easy for everyone... I usually don't ship. Shipping cost paid by buyer.)

This is the Oberhiem EDP which works fine but it does have one line of one of the digital displays out, so the top of a 0 doesn't display. Also it has the loop 3 version software rather then the newer loop 4, but there's not that many differences really if I remember correctly. (Someone please let me know if I'm wrong about that. You can half the speed in the next version, right?)

I figure I'll just throw in the footswitch because the record button is starting to get touchy. A bit of contact cleaner could do it or they may need replacing. (They're only like $3-7 per button but takes time to find 'em and solder them and pay someone to do it. I have done it before for my other EDP's for maximum dependability but that was a long while ago.) 

New Gibson EDP's (if you could get them, they seem to be very hard to come by) I think are $1000 plus $150 for the footswitch (that was the range I remember when I bought mine, not even sure you can get the footswitch new... my web searches yielded little so, again, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!)