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Re: Las Vegas International Live Looping Festival announced

Heheheheheh . . .

Even if this hadn't been April 1st . . . and by some weird quirk of the 
cosmos this was actually real . . . I can hardly think of town I'd be 
less interested in going to . . . for any reason whatsoever (let alone 
a loop show) . . . than Las Vegas, Nevada.

Thank goodness Santa Cruz is the center of the West Coast looping 
universe . . . actually a cool place to visit.

Loop on!


n Apr 1, 2009, at 2:17 PM, looppool@cruzio.com wrote:

> I just wanted to announce plans for the Las Vegas International Live
> Looping Festival
> and the opening of
> Only 50 artists will be accepted and we have grants to pay all 
> travelling
> expenses
> and a $2,000 performance fee for each artist accepted.
> Only really, really excellent artists will be picked.
> People who are just excited by looping and wanting to attend because 
> of a
> love
> of community and the support of their peers are encouraged NOT to 
> apply.
> You folks can just sit at home and wish you were at the event, which 
> will be
> simulcast, by the way,  on all major network television for the 
> duration.
> Set lengths will be 60 minutes long and each artist will have 60 minute
> full volume
> soundchecks.
> There will be full catering in the hospitality tent at the Billagio 
> with
> no Brown M&Ms
> in the mixed candy dishes.
> The Roland Corporation will be sponsoring the entire event
> and Laptop/Software users will not be eligible because,  as we all 
> know,
> software
> live looping isn't REALLY live looping now, is it?
> Okee dokee,  see you on the strip.
> Please send all applications to Kim Flint c/o  Loopers Delight