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Las Vegas International Live Looping Festival announced

Hey, this sounds like my kind of looping festival, the kind that I can demand a lengthy contract stipulation from.

Lets get started,

1.Guests, I’ll have plenty, so instead of giving me a set number of comps, just let everyone in free who tells the doorman that they are friends of Chillyb.

2. Perks, I really want to see the Star Trek Experience, and Siegfried and Roy, if they ever start up again, Cirque de Soliel , and the Liberace museum, Oh I almost forgot, is “Wicked” still playing?

    I think you could arrange to make that happen.

3. Whores, sorry If I offend you, the few women who populate this list,  but Vegas has ‘em, and I want ‘em, Please don’t forward this e-mail to my wife, she wouldn’t understand.

4. Hey I like to gamble as much as the next guy, how about setting me up at a roulette table in the Picasso room at the Bellagio

5. Catering, a dressing room full of ordinary cold cuts will be trashed, so be warned. Wow me.

6. Payment in full in advance.

7. Penthouse suite, I want a view, end of story

8. A body guard, masseuse (see #3),  and personal “pharmaceutical” valet

9. A Hummer with quad sound system to cruise the strip in.

Well I guess that just about does it, my lawyer will be drafting a contract in the morning.