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Re: Gary Numan Synths

Gary Numan used a "Micro Korg"  quite a bit on 
the first few records, later he used the 
"Polymoog Keyboard"  a lower end version of the 
standard Polymoog, but it featured the "Vox 
Humana" preset which became his trademark soaring 
melody sound (the initial highnotes on "Cars" is 
the "Vox Humana" preset).

As for "Are Friends Electric" , that's the Mini 
Korg.  The video shows someone playing a minimoog 
(using two hands on the keyboard ..ha!), but 
that's not what you are hearing, ditto  for the 
Arp Omni shown later in the video.
The reason that the Mini Korg sounded so peculiar 
is that it has a resonant HP filter which is 
independently tunable from the resonant LP 
filter. you can get some pretty unique timbres 
form the Mini Korg.  That filter, BTW, was called 
the "Traveller" on the synth and was available on 
the 911 guitar synth and the 'traveller' 
footpedal filter stompbox.

I hope this clarifies things a bit...


>hey fellows, What kind of synths did Gary Numan 
>used in the 80īs?from all the bands back then 
>they always stood up,they sounded different from 
>other synth bands they to me they sounded like 
>the les paul of synths very fat! here is one of 
>my favorites: 
>I always loved the fact that he had guitar 
>oriented riffs on synths,i remember the first 
>time i heard his voice i thought it was the new 
>Syd Barret! Luis www.myspace.com/luisangulocom