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Re: Songs starting with drums

This is a bit of an odd question - throw most rock and roll cd's into
the player and you'll find at least 2 songs that begin with just
drumming. Your examples strike me as the sort will people will
recognize the source within a few notes - is this intentional?

Anyway, yeah, listen to a few rock records, and you're sure to find
lots. Or just do a google search for "drum loops" and you'll find many
free downloads of 'em. (Don't ask me why loops of drum machine are
more common than loops of real drums though.) In Hip-hop, finding good
drum loops from records is considered an art form - "crate digging".

Meanwhile, here's a video that's sort of on your subject,

It's the story of the Amen Break - something you've certainly heard
used in dozens of different songs (maybe even hundreds) without
realizing it was the same sample. I found this mind blowingly
educational about the state of electronic music - the huge amount of
music that's based around one drum loop. On one hand, it gets my heart
all big about the art of sampling. On the other, I'm dumbfounded by
what it reveals about Drum n Bass music. Can any DnB fans help me out?
How could an entire genre of musicians use the exact same drum loop as
the central focus of so many of their songs - for like 15 years?

Matt Davignon

On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 3:33 AM, Cameron McCormack
<cameron.mccormack@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> This has to have been a topic before now but didn't have any joy in the
> archive.
> I've started to try and put a few songs together looping bass, rhythm and
> lead parts together on my Digitech JamMan. It's all good fun, but it 
> sort of empty without any drums. The JamMan has a few simple click 
> but they're only any good for keeping time, and they don't become a part 
> the saved loop.
> I'm lacking a drum machine and have no intention of buying one at his 
> so what i've done is taken songs that start with just a few bars of 
>drums on
> their own, cut that out in a WAV editor, made a little drum loop and 
> that to the JamMan to play over that. It works pretty well for my ears.
> So, my question is - does anybody have suggestions of songs that would be
> good for carry out this process on? Drums on their own, no other
> instruments.
> All I've found after a brief look at my own music is Iggy Pop - Lust for
> Life and Led Zep - Bonzo's Montreux.