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Re: Review posted: Jeff Duke's "Loops in Phase Space"

Daryl, thanks for taking the time to review this collection. I am glad you 
dug it. From your other reviews I knew that you are one for really 
to music and I value your thoughts highly. You and so many others on this 
list have been a tremendous positive influence on my creative spirit.  I 
looking forward to meeting you and many others at Y2K9! Rock on!

All the best,


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Subject: Review posted: Jeff Duke's "Loops in Phase Space"

> I've written up seven tracks from Jeff Duke, part of a larger collection 
> called "Loops in Phase Space" (or LIPS, a title I'm kinda partial to..).
> http://www.swanwelder.com/mutereactionary/Jeff_Duke.htm
> Other fine folks have sent me stuff, too, and hopefully I can get to 
> in the next month or so before I split on tour.
> Daryl Shawn
> www.swanwelder.com
> www.chinapaintingmusic.com