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Re: Gordius LG and random functions

hi Sjaak,
best place to ask that is on the Gordius yahoo group,
where you'll find "the guy who asked for the feature",
and "the guy who made it happen".

Anyway, just scroll down the list of values for "Data" till you get to 
and use that instead of one of the regular values.

If you need to do a corresponding Note-Off to a random Note-On there's the
"last.random" value, which repeats....... well I think you guessed.

Then to set the range of the randomly generated values, which by default
are 0..127 we get 2 Message Types to use in a string of commands.
These are Gordius specific messages that are programmed just like 
a midi-message but don't get sent out the midi port, they just 
alter stuff internally within the LG.

they're called
Random.From  (lower limit)
Random.Till   (upper limit)

andy butler

Sjaak wrote:
>> I'm trying to setup a momentary patch with a random CC value 
>> to control the speed parameter. Anyone tried this?
> I forgot to tell it's for controlling the LP1 ;)
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> Sjaak
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