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Re: Mobius, Stylus RMX, other choices.

Rainer Straschill wrote:
> Hey David,
> Holy s*...Stylux RMX, Trilogy, Kore, Livid Union, guitar, EWI, vocals,
> sax...you're sure you don't want to add PD and Reaktor? ;)

What's "PD?"  I have Reaktor, it's just that I'm a shitty drummer. I  
can add stuff when needed but I lay down the base beat and be happy  
with it unless it's one of, like, 2 or 3 variations on this one  
particular beat. Otherwise, I'd have stuck with my Handsonic and never  
changed. Hence the need for RMX... hence the need for software looping  
because once the complexity of software and a laptop is introduced,  
the simplicity of all hardware is lost and you may as well enter the  
gates of hell and suffer there until you get to the other side--- 
simplicity through complexity---and I think I see the light at the end  
of the tunnel.

 > perboysen@gmail.com wrote:
 > Maybe Compressor
 > has a new name now,

So, still Compressor. Also comes with Soundtrack Pro.