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Re: Ninjam video up

Good listening! I did mix in some from the audio from his video in parts. 
now hear that you can clearly hear him pickup the trombone off of the 
Ah wll, it was the most complex audio/video project I had tried to date. 
kind of adds to the charm. Very difficult to sync! I got it close. :)



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> excellent stuff.. thanks for sharing.. the addition of video is  cool... 
> and from the video I can tell we are listening to Rainer's  mix.. :)
> peace
> -cpr
> Quoting Jeff Duke <jeff_d@embarqmail.com>:
>> Hey gang, I have posted a video I put together from a Ninjam session I
>> did with Rainer Straschill recently.
>> All gratuitous video fx and clashing color schemes are entirely my
>> fault. It was a gas and I thank Rainer for inviting me.
>> http://www.vimeo.com/4063396
>> I hope you enjoy Jazzscapes (my son named it).
>> peace
>> Jeff
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