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Free web-release of "Charcoal" and "Yellow" EPs

Back in 2004, I put out two 3" CDs, called "Charcoal" and "Yellow".
These recordings are now available for free at www.ribosomemusic.com.
These 256k mp3s include ID3 tags, album art and all those things that
make them work smoothly with portable music players.

In the coming months, they'll also be released through Itunes, Amazon
mp3, Emusic and other sites through Edgetone Records.

Charcoal was originally recorded in 1999, and constructed completely
out of samples of Davignon's 1998 cd, "5 Spots". Mysterious, emotive
and paranoid, it gives the listener an experience that is both
immersive and mildly abrasive.

A love letter to tape decay, "Yellow" swims in murky filtered ambient
sounds, navigating from swollen drones to loose nostalgic synthesizer
melodies. The sounds and techniques used in "Yellow" are a precursor
to Davignon's unique drum machine work as heard in the CDs "Bwoo" and

If you're going to download the whole things, please choose the zip
files so as to help with my monthly bandwidth limitations.

Thanks for listening!

Matt Davignon