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Re: new

Welcome back, Dirk and ...see you in Antwerp !


Il giorno 10/apr/09, alle ore 23:30, microphonics 
 > ha scritto:

> hi,
> I'm back on the list after years of abscence.  I'm Dirk and have  
> been fascinated with loops since day one.
> Since 1984 I made music under my pseudonym vidnaObmana till 2005  
> when I felt that the story was told.  Since then I've been expanding  
> my universe under the fear falls burning banner creating more heavy  
> and guitar-oriented looped drones.  Last year I finally released my  
> most personal album 'microphonics I-V' under my own name on the  
> Dutch tonefloat label (180gram vinyl).
> It's the microphonics that stripped off all mult-tracking and  
> complex looping to a minimal set-up of a selection of Boss pedals, a  
> fantastic Gibson Les Paul guitar and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe tube  
> amplifier.
> Looking forward to share thoughts and read the other experiences...
> Dirk.
> dirk serries : microphonics I - V
> 180gr vinyl, tonefloat november 2009
> www.myspace.com/mymicrophonics