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Re: OT: Wristcutters

Hi Warren,

I'm sorry to hear of your friend and the trend—shocking.  I just heard
a similar story about one of my son's friends.  I don't think the
movie would be very helpful about the subject specifically, but it
inspires a certain brand of faith and hope.  It could minimize the
serious nature of the act though, which could be bad for someone so
inclined.  I guess I would say it's probably for a more mature

Beyond that, I think that belief in other worlds and religion in
general can make people less respectful of their time on this earth,
believing there is a more important realm where rewards, a better
world, etc. exist.  It's great to embrace faith as a mechanism for
growth and perseverance, but I've seen friends get lost in the search
for that other world.

I hope you find some answers.