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new FCB1010 -- problem programming CC events

I finally purchased an FCB1010 however I have been unable to get the  
CC events (not the expression pedals, but the two "static" CC events)  
to transmit.

I've tried turning Running status on and off, and have gone through  
the programming steps over and over.  I am having no problem with the  
PC events and, once I found out how to calibrate the Exp Pedals, no  
problem there.  I haven't yet checked the note-on event.  I am  
transmitting the CC events on channel 11 (have checked and  
double-checked this).  I have made sure that the CC events are  
"active".  I am now pulling my hair out with this and I haven't been  
able to find info on this particular issue.

So, I'm turning to the list for some help on this.  I am attempting to  
send CC commands to my LP1 on channel 11  (note, this works with my  
PadKontrol, thus the LP1 is working ok).

Thank you in advance for any advice.