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RE: New

> Dirk wrote:
> Sjaak, who is also on this list, is one of the Belgian 
> forerunners in the looping circuit.  

I'll do my best ;) 

Btw: Christo, Dirk is one of the artists on the Antwerp looping festival. 
I sugggest you come over to here on Saturday May 30, and meet with both
loopers and fans from several countries including Germany. Btw: Michael
Peters (Cologne) is another artist who will play here. I did the same last
year: I drove to Cologne to visit the Michael's festival
http://livelooping.de/. I met with Dirk, Fabio, Luis and Rick and see 
happening now in Antwerp and Rome this year. And although it's not easy to
organize events like this, it's a relief to discover that there more
"looping brothers and sisters" who play sometimes weird music ;)