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Re: Phiew.... guitar intonation - hard work!

On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 12:14 PM, Ian Petersen <iep@mail.dk> wrote:
> Per,
>> With the thicker
>> strings it seems the stings need to be just a little bit longer. Five
>> strings are good now, but for the G string (or D as this instrument is
>> tuned) the mounting of the stratocaster style bridge/tailpiece/whammy
>> does not allow the sting length needed for correct intonation.
> Try installing an Earvana style nut instead. That should help with 
> the g-string intonation right. An Earvana nut generally smooths
> out  (shortens) the bridge intonation lengths a bit a give much 
> chords all up the neck. Worth doing on any guitar IMO.
> Ian

Great tip, Ian. Thanks! Of course it doesn't matter by witch end you
increase the string length, but that just didn't hit my mind... I'll
talk to some of my guitar builder friends here in Sweden about how to
pick one up. They are not in the stores around here.