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Re: Kill switch for el guitar - design ideas?

>> Scott Middelton of Cancer Bats has a kill switch in his custom built
>> guitar, seen as picture 3 here: http://is.gd/thSM. But that solution
>> is sort of functionality-wise upside down as I see it. It kills the
>> audio when pressed -

On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 5:20 PM, Bob Amstadt <bob@amstadt.com> wrote:

> Undoubtedly he uses a normally open switch.  All you need to do is used 
> normally closed switch in the same circuit that he uses.

Ahh... so there are special "normally closed" switches! That I didn't
know. But I would still need to add four more switches (since only one
finger tip fits on that switch) and add a special "enable/disable
switch circuit" switch (since its default mode is to shut off audio).

I'm looking for a controller that meets these three criteria:
1) big enough for finger drumming with five finger tips.
2) defalut mode of switch has to be to silence the signal.
3) the shall let through audio for exactly the time being touched.