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Re: killswitch 4 gtr...

my 2 cents-  I bought  a Planet Waves guitar cable with a mute switch built in to the guitar input jack.  Works like a charm.  You can plug and unplug different guitars all with the one cable and not have to pull the jack at the amp end to avoid damaging pops.  Haven't read the whole thread so I am not sure if that is what you all wanted the kill switch for but like I said my 2 cents worth. 

--- On Sun, 4/19/09, scott hansen <evanpeewee@yahoo.com> wrote:
From: scott hansen <evanpeewee@yahoo.com>
Subject: killswitch 4 gtr...
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Date: Sunday, April 19, 2009, 9:24 PM

i am not a wiring wizard by any means
but love the sounds that buckethead & t. morello do....
& yes, i was thinking along the lines of DT's modded koll guitar, and also the teuffel tesla has the same thing-i'm not sure what type of switch the tesla uses (it looks DELUXE!), i've seen it briefly in action on the henry kaiser dvd from '04 -i think he is using the microphone for feedback, and i think the 3rd switch disconnects the ground to give the 60 cycle hum (which i have on one of my guitars)
on my last 2 guitars i have been wiring the guitar pu's w/ on-off switches, i like them better than 3-way or 5-way toggles for pu selecting (i usually just have 2 pus and a mic for feedback inbetween-i'm not a big fan of the middle strat pu sound) & i find that wiring scheme easy for me (again i'm no wizard). i just use standard toggles that you can get at radio shack (electronics store in US). radioshack also sells a momentary red button that's an on-off switch-i think buckethead uses something like this on his Les Paul-the problem-it was the 1st switch i tried, and it didn't work on my guitar, i may have had a bad switch i don't know, but i'm not a big fan of that type, i prefer just using a toggle (which is what t morello uses), but buckethead's does allow for more "drumming-style tapping on & off sounds". i've seen the switch selling on ebay for like 10$, under "buckethead like toggle"-which is a joke, b/c it's like 2$ switch from radio shack.
ALSO-check out the seymour duncan website-he has a wiring scheme as to how to put a killswitch in a guitar, basically you just mod the hot line from volume that goes to the output jack i believe, he has it laid out pretty nicely & can probably use whatever switch you feel comfortable w/...
GOOD LUCK! it is a fun mod to have & play w/ although i think b-head and t-morello do it way better than i've been able to come up w/