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In Europe ...

Fellow Loopers,

Apparently, I will be one day too late to make it to Antwerp for the Festival there, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any other events going on, specifically near Paris, Dubrovnik, or Zadar, between 23 May and 1 June?

I will be in Durbrovnik from Saturday, 23 May to Wednesday, 27 May. Thence to Zadar from the evening of the 27th until the morning of Sunday 31 May. I'll be in Paris most of the 31st, leaving for the US on Monday, 1 June.

Does anyone know of anything going on near those places and those dates or people within a quick train ride? Due to the circumstances of my trip, I won't be bringing any of my performing gear (I'm giving a paper), but I will be bringing a field recorder, as I plan to capture some impressions of the Sea Organ at Zadar.

Best to all,