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MoinSound Live Performance on UStream

Following Matt's excellent example, I'm doing a more
proof-of-concept-ish performance tonight.

The URL: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-moinsound-testing-hour

The performance will start at 2000 UTC (9:00pm in GB, 22:00 in
Germany/Italy/Spain, 4pm on the US east cost, and 1pm on the west
coast. If in doubt, use
http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc or a similar
service), and will continue as long as it is fun.

Basically, it's me playing my old "loop4life" programme with the small
setup: guitar and vocals into POD X3 into DD20 into SMM w/Hazari into

Looking forward to have you there!


ps: song requests will be honored ;)