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using the EDP midi synced as slave

Ive asked this before but got no response,i dont know how many of you are 
using the EDP as slave,the advantage i see using it this way specially 
using samplers with canned loops is not having to predefine tempos and 
record a loop at anytime without predefining lenght etc.
right now the disadvantage i have slaving the EDP to my adrenalinn is not 
being able to stop it or use the other syncronization midi comands you can 
use when the EDP is master like QuantMIDIStartSong,MuteQuantMIDIStartSong.
Yet with the adrenalinn i am able to start and stop the eventide looper 
with no problem! 
So is there a chance the EDP would respond to those functions if i used a 
sequencer with better midi implementation?