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Re: Spectra

Erdem Helvacioglu wrote:
> hahaha :) the first time that my music was compared with the beatles. is 
> that good or bad? :)

He seemed to be saying it was a good thing, that Dear Prudence 
was the peak of the Beatles output in terms of guitar sound,
and that you have somehow referred to it.

> well, i do not think that he has any clue about live electronics, 
> electroacoustic music and such.

no, music journalist,
they don't have use for knowledge.

...but hey...he liked your track :-)

 >well in any case, this will be a great 
> pr for the album.
> one note guys : i am working on a new electric guitar and electronics 
> album which will be released soon. just hardware fx and analog pedals. 
> hope you will enjoy that one.

excellent :-)
> best regards to you all.
> Erdem Helvacioglu