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Re: NEW improvisation by me..

Nice tracks, Anders ! The interesting thing about "unrounded multiply" is that it is spontaneous, and UNCONTROLLABLE in a way.
So, why not keep it uncontrolled? Although - for sure - I understand we all want to make this world controllable,donīt we?
Iīm using both Boss RC 50 looper with a lot of functions and relatively easy to controll, and I am also using Boss DD 20
with just 20 seconds looping time and not much functions. I used the DD 20 for my previous album "Guitar Looping # 1"
because it made me feel more spontaneous. It was a fresh new experience for me, after the long time I only used
the RC 50 for my looping. I also started to cut loops and stuff like that. It was fun. You know what I mean?
I really love drum-machines, synthesizers and all these little electronical things, but sometimes it makes
life easier to just play guitar and use the DD 20 for looping.
Keep it simple !
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Thanks Warren,
yes it is shortning the loop, i think it's calles "unrounded multiply" in EDP speak. What i do is i hit multiply and the record, the loop will be cut so that i get it from start to the point i hit record. If the loop have several cycles it will now be one "onrounded" cycle. I think it's fun to see what I get, it keeps me alert and gives me oportunity to train my ability to handle what ever i get. I'm starting to learn how to get it more under control so that it is no completly random, more like hmm that was not exactly what i expected but cool never the less....
Thanks for listning. (And yes I'm pleased with the tone - only used the OD "channel" with pre-OD tone stack disengaged, variations in tone is by using the volume control, pickup switch (only controls on the guitar) and my fingers...)

liking it very much. the lead guitar tones are just gorgeous, and i like what you're doing with, i think, shortening the loop and then working with whatever rhythm comes out of that.  and enough twists and turns to stay interesting. Nice feedback.