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Re: Released - CT-Project ReUse

In a message dated 4/24/09 7:42:34 PM, jimgoodinmusic@gmail.com writes:

Sir Klobuchar is da man!

i prefer KING KLOBUCHAR.....:).....i am but a very small cog in the mighty music machine of the CT-COLLECTIVE.....THANKS and KUDOS to all members.....this applies mostly to CHIEF OVERLORD AND KEEPER OF THE FLAME, MISTER MICHAEL PETERS whose work on the CT website is an ongoing labour of love and beauty.....it was absoultly wonderful to see some old LDers become new CTers on this outing.....so please come and join us, become a member of a project, start a project or just give a listen.....I WANT MORE MUSIC!!!!!.....:)m

"EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG".....firesign theater

new groovy tunes at:

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