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Re: MoinSound Studio Session - now online!

Great to see Rainer live in his skinny blackclad glory, trombone and 
voice w/processing aplenty!. Really cool to hear so much from 
straightforward sound sources. let me again plug his last record "Wie 
groß ist die Luft" done in this vein, which I'm still enjoying.

I love this live remote gig thing, we've just got to figure out a good 
way to collaborate and it's going to be the rage. Watching Jeff Duke now 
- http://www.ustream.tv/channel/loopslab.

Daryl Shawn

>> For all of you just in front of the computer:
>> The "MoinSound Studio Session" announced two days ago has just started
>> - expect some take on my "Rübezahl" programme, and, if technology
>> allows, a surprise guest during the show!