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Re: Looperlative vs EDP

Per sez….“But with less cables and more open for a personal configuration.”


Yes …four fewer cables to be exact…but they are zero latency cables ;-)

As far as openness to personal configuration, I would venture to say my looperlative is configured differently than Rick’s, or Steve Lawson’s or Bob Amstadt’s, and that the open ended nature of the architecture is similar to a computer based platform, though obviously not as sophisticated in the realm of running scripts and automated commands.  As it relates to the EDP, I agree they are different animals, and I never spent enough time with the EDP to get the midi clock working to my satisfaction, or delve in to the intricacies of its signature capabilities, to offer any educated assessment.  I have spent many hours with the Looperlative and I can tell you that it is a wonderful musical tool with its own bag of tricks and after nearly 3 years, I’m still learning new things to do with it and new features to explore. Bob, as you might have figured out is a righteous Dude, who builds the LP-1’s one a time in his home work shop, and actually listens to his client base and implements new features based on consensus of demand. I’m not ready to move to a lap top like many of you have already done, and this is the only product on the market that rivals that kind of sophistication, with the added benefit that in the unlikely event you need to reboot the LP-1, it takes less than 10 seconds to power on. You wouldn’t even need to tell a joke to cover the dead time! Did I mention the zero latency cables?