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Re: LD: Your opinions please - Terratec Axon AX 50

I had a yamaha G50 and was never very happy with the tracking. I was  
using it with a roland GK 2 pickup after several months of playing  
around with it finally gave up and sold it off on ebay. I recently  
picked up an axion ax50 and using it with the same guitar, though I  
have since installed a graphtech ghost pickup, and it is worlds apart  
different from my experience with the G50. The tracking is instant and  
I have had very little adjustments to make in my playing style. I'm  
running it through Reason 4 and having an absolute blast playing cello  
and basoon parts with my guitar.

I can't make any comments about midi mapping... I still don't really  
understand the whole midi thing. I like things that plug in and pretty  
much work the way I expect them to.


Paul Haslem
Ontario, Canada

Quoting andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk>:

> Ricky Graham wrote:
>> Hello Folks,
>> I intend to use it for MIDI mapping predominantly.
> ?
>> I'm not too bothered about sounds with the software. Your opinions  
>> would be fully appreciated.
>> Best,
>> Ricky
> Axon is the quickest responding guitar to midi system.
> It's optimised for strat with Roland GK type p/u when using a  
> plectrum. (but for other guitars it's still the fastest system).
> The usb possibly makes it a bit faster for soft synth use.
> Apart from the usb, it's not that different to the Yamaha G50, which  
> can be bought on ebay (103 143 last two I saw)
> Actually, I should do a comparison with AX100 versus G50.
> It's conceivable the Axon tech got better since G50 days.
> andy butler