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volume frustration

This is probably a stupid question but at the moment I'm not sure where to

I have this Soloette classical guitar with headphones output. When I plug 
headphones into the guitar, the sound is very bright and loud. But it is
also completely dry. So I plugged it into my Verbzilla to add a bit of
reverb. It works ok as a stompbox under regular circumstances but when I
plug my (stereo) headphones into the (mono) output of the Verbzilla (or the
DL-4, this is true probably for other stompboxes too), the volume is only
half of what it used to be.

I'm not sure why this happens. Is it due to my dabbling with the 
adapters that I use? What would be the optimal way to transfer the two
separate 1/4" jack outputs from the Verbzilla to the one stereo headphone
jack of the headphone? without any loose contact problems? 

Or <gasp> is it the stompbox itself that reduces the volume?