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Re: PrePrepared vs. Improvisational

Thats the real school Mark,but i share your feelings,i dont know how many 
gigs ive played in my life but there are a lot,you know when i started i 
was a fuckin snob and would not talk to the audience and would criticise 
them before critising myself,yes i also need glasses to see on stage,had 
bad monitors just about my whole career as a musician (can somebody please 
get it fuckin right?)ive messed up so many times on stage i could not even 
tell you ,i produced a CD and the whole band turned against me because i 
had a vision and did not have the comunication skills at the time to get 
the concept across well enoguh so it was misinterpreted as an egoistical 
project and lost a band because of it(yet i am playing with better 
musicans now),sang the wrong lyrics or completly had a blackout and forgot 
them on stage in front of an audience,realised that i forgot my mixer at 
one of the most important and best paid gigs in switzerland after driving 
4 hrs. away from
 home and had to tell my band with my tail between my legs about it and 
had to beg my own organiser for help,had technical problems at the Y2k8 in 
Cologne and Santa Cruz etc, etc etc ...
yes man, ive had my share of all of that and if you ask me what ive gained 
from all of this... is too much to tell you and a lot more than if i had 
never done it,but in a nut shell it teaches you to YES GENTLEMEN  
improvise on the spot!
Yet as freightening as it might seem there is something really addictive 
about it,but yes i agree it aint for every one,but if it is 
go do it now!

 The truth is I've rarely
> had a good
> experience in front of an audience. No monitors near you,
> gear
> screwing up, can't see well, etc, all end up making the
> live
> performance more of an exercise in anxiety.  The
> rehearsed pieces are
> a lot less fun to play, but because you're "on rails" it
> seems a
> billion times less stressful to pull off
> successfully.  Instead of
> having to make it and get it right, all you have to do is
> get it
> right. Some people can make it, get it right, and interact
> with the
> audience, but that person sure isn't me.  Maybe if I
> did it a lot, but
> the truth is I just don't even have the desire to.