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Re: Echoplex dying :: NEED HELP ~

This is the kind of fault that can usually be
remedied by re-seating the chips.

Sometimes just pushing down on them does it.
Other times need to lever them up first.

topu lyo wrote:
> Hey everyone!
> i hope everyone is having a fantastic tuesday.
> so i was getting ready for a rehearsal for a few
> shows this weekend and my echoplex will
> load up and then the numbers keep flashing
> across the screen.  every so often it will settle
> down and look normal, and then when i hit
> my midi pedal it will just make the numbers
> flash across the screen again!
> if anyone has any help or info please call me
> 347.683.5752
> or hit me back here!  thx so much in advance.
> topu